Our mission is to provide support to the University of Calgary's football program so that opportunities for the academic and physical development of its student-athletes may be realized. You can become a member of the Dinos Football 5th Quarter for only $25 per year. Your fees include a quarterly newsletter, access to benefits and discounts through alumni businesses, and a portion of your fee goes to fundraising for the Dinos Football program. Membership renewals occur each year around the AGM (traditionally held in January or February) but you can become a member at any time during the year. For more information on membership, please contact Danny Geremia.

What we do

The Dinos Football 5th Quarter has 3 main functions:

REVENUE GENERATION The 5th Quarter is committed to providing financial support to the Dinos Football Program in excess of the funds allocated by the University of Calgary and Dinos Athletics. This support is directed towards building Endowment funds for both Scholarships and Operating, along with providing annual operating funds as needed. Fundraising activities include the annual Dinos 5th Quarter Dinner, working a two-day Casino approximately every 18 months, an NFL Pool and in which alumni work a two-day casino to raise funds, and Annual Alumni Memberships. We are constantly looking for new revenue generation opportunities and welcome any suggestions you might have. Please email us with your ideas.

ORGANIZING ALUMNI SOCIAL EVENTS These events are organized specifically for alumni and represent and opportunity to get together and catch-up with old friends and team mates. Events include the Alumni Golf Tournament, AGM, pre-game “tailgates” in the Super Suite and alumni reunions.

NEWSLETTER & WEBSITE The 5th Quarter works hard to provide opportunities for alumni to reconnect and to keep in touch with the current Dinos Football team and their progress. The newsletter and the website are two ways in which we do this. We welcome your comments on additions or specific updates you’d like to see for either.

5Q executives:

President: Gregory Vavra

Vice President: Chase Moore

Secretary: Byron Roberts

Treasurer: Danny Geremia

Past President: Harry Andersen

5q directors:

Jason Assen

Hugues Audet

Dave Fordyce

Bruno Geremia

Craig Steele

Brian Verlaan

Chris Wollin

Jeff Williams

Anthony Woodson

Steve Truzak

Matt Grohn

Eric Dzwilewski

Drew Carpenter

Jeff Wollin

Paul Carson

Tony Laria